While most people are more concerned with the annual cost of a liquor licence renewal, few remember to take into consideration the upfront costs of first applying and then getting one. While there is absolutely no definitive answer to this question, we have endeavored in the post below to give you an idea of
some of the costs associated with obtaining, holding and maintaining a liquor licence.

We cannot stress enough that these figures are merely guidelines of the costs. You will more than likely land up paying slightly more than the figures quoted below. This will depend on numerous factors including:

The value of your licence
The value of your turnover (in Wholesale cases)
The amount of time it takes to complete your application
How cooperative and efficient you are in supplying LSA with the documents, plans and information that we require to complete your application.

The fees mentioned below includes telephone and if necessary personal consultations with Leon and his staff on the status of your application, something Leon has never charged his clients for. The fee also includes Leon and his staff seeing to:

The numerous and varied disbursements that come with a liquor licence including National Liquor Authority and Provincial Liquor Board application fees, lodgement fees and grant fees
Any and all advertising, photocopying, printing and couriering of documents pertaining to your application
Answering of queries from police inspectors and the liquor board
Objections to the applications and municipal queries
AND finalisation of your licence.

How Much?